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Things I’ve learned over the winters with kids!!!! Who agrees?

We live in Canada and winters are harsh! Check out my list of stuff that we always have on hand!



Here are some things that’s I learned this winter so far!!


#1…. 3 pairs of snow pants are almost a necessity. One pair strictly for school and the other 2 are in case one gets wet!!! Sometimes the snow gets them soaked in minutes….

#2…. I have gone through 2 pairs of boots so far and I still needed to get another pair!!! I really recommend using boots with the felts that come out! I haven’t had a problem with them yet!! Woot woot!!!

#3….Mits… Oh my gosh Mits… Honestly I don’t even know how many we have been through or go through on a nice day out… I would play it safe and make sure u have at least 15 pairs of gloves/Mits per kid LOL..


#4. It’s always good to have a few HATS hanging around also!!!






Stay tuned for more 🙂


What do you think??? Agreed right??!!! Lol