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Baby Butz Cream Review

Baby Butz Cream” Review              
                            100% Natural, 100% Guaranteed


I want to start off by Thanking Majda Ficko for thinking up this cream that is pure genius. As a Mom who tries to live a greener lifestyle & eliminate all these harsh chemicals from entering my home, this has been one of my many life savers. Baby Butz Cream is by far the absolute best cream out there for diaper rashes. I wish I could scream this from the top of the world, how amazing and effective this cream is. I honestly believe that this should be everyone’s “go to” baby butt cream, and I am going to try my very hardest at convincing you to make the switch as well. If only you knew all the bad stuff that they put into other creams, which in most cases are so harsh on those sensitive little bottoms, making them even more red and sore.


Baby-Butz-Cream-Review/GiveawayMy son has had skin irritation problems since day 1. We have been told by his doctor that its eczema & psoriasis (which he gets from my mother’s side of the family).  It is so sad as a parent to watch your child suffer through any kind of diaper rash, knowing there’s not always much you can do to prevent or treat it. I can name you off a whole list of other creams we have tried in the past, on his sensitive skin (including organic and prescribed ones), but those aren’t important because they didn’t work. I one day decided to cut all products with harsh ingredients from his laundry cycle. It seemed to have helped a little bit but not completely.


Suddenly I came across this wonderful cream by doing some research over the internet and found Baby Butz Cream. They even use this in the NICU’s at the hospitals. The moment this arrived at my home, I was excited and eager to try it out. Automatically I loved the little container that it comes in. Perfect for any childs room/nursery. And I just so happen to love Turtles 😀
Baby-Butz-Cream-Review/GiveawayAfter a few days, Riley was starting to develop another rash on his bottom, so right away I ran for the Baby Butz Cream, so I opened the bottle and scooped out a little bit and caked it on as evenly as I could. This cream is really thick and you don’t need much. The next morning I couldn’t wait to see the results (if any at all I was thinking) and to my honestly surprise, the rash was 98% gone. Seemed like any other creams we have tried before always made the rash worst, before it would make it better. I am SUPER happy with this and of course I had a happy child as well 😀 SCORE!!!!!!!!!


I’ve already told everyone I possibly know about this cream (even those without kids) and how great it is. I am constantly bragging about it 😀 lol. I will continue to share this review with everyone and anytime I hear of someone being pregnant, I am definitely going to bring up Baby Butz Cream!


You could just take my word for it, but I seriously urge you to try this product to see the results for yourself!

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