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Looking Fresh with Men Expert by L’Oreal Paris Canada

Aging is a part of life and with that aging comes signs of it being more visible, bags under the eyes and more. I’m glad that I can keep myself looking fresh with Men Expert by L’Oreal Paris Canada. I (J) have used their products for a few years now and absolutely love them. Having the opportunity to share my love of these products and review other products in the Men Expert line is definitely something I’m excited about! One of my favorite things about these products is the energized/awakened feeling of my skin. It’s like an invigorating instant wake-up that I absolutely love.

A few of these new products include:


This face wash smells great. Has made my beard and goatee softer to the touch. Instantly makes my skin feel clean and awake. And, it helps purify my skin.


The 1st Men Expert product that I’ve ever tried was a Hydra Energetic Moisturizer and I was hooked from there. I absolutely love the way this product makes my skin and beard smooth/soft. I also can’t say enough how much I enjoy that energized/awake feeling that my skin feels after using this product!


This is another great moisturizer that gives you that wake-up feeling while reducing signs of tiredness. It also leaves your skin looking fresh, feeling fresh and moisturized for 48 hours!


While I shave my head, the little one is at that stage where he likes to style his hair and this sculpting paste is great! We love the fact that he doesn’t have to use a lot of the paste and that it’s easily maneuverable, making any style easy to obtain.


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