How do you plan for Parties (adults and kids) without breaking the bank (FrugalChat #12)

Frugal Chat #12
***~~~~ Parties~~~~*** How do you plan for Parties (adults and kids) without breaking the bank?
You Still make them feel special, even though you are doing it on a budget… 
#1. What is your budget for birthday parties?
#2. What are some things you do that frugal when it comes to parties?
  • Saving the decorations year after year is a good idea.. Saves a ton of money..
  • I think I am going to buy a big plastic bin and write Birthdays on it, then I can put all my decorations and extra stuff in there…
  • Another good tip is to keep and reuse candles.. no sense throwing them out after being lit for less than a min
  • Make your own food and desserts
  • Have it at your place instead of renting a hall
  • Tell your kid(s) they can only invite one or two friends from school (Not the whole class)
  • This was the cake i made my son for his 4th birthday CLICK HERE


I hope you enjoyed this list and please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below and I would be more than happy to add them to the list 🙂


Disclosure: I had the help of some awesome people to conduct these lists. I have a group where we discuss frugal topics and from that I am able to make these wonderful and informative blog posts. So thank you to everyone in our group


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