Frugal tips for new or soon-to-be parents (FrugalChat #5)

Frugal Chat #5


Today’s topic: Frugal tips for new or soon-to-be parents

#1. What are some things that you really NEED for newborns

#2. What can we really do Without..?



  • I was making homemade wipes and it saved us a whole bunch of money.
    Also coupons for diapers (although cloth ones would have been better and cheaper)
  • Also, NO we did NOT need the change table after all LOL. I mostly changed him on my bed or the couch and used the change table as a drop off zone /storage instead!!!
  • Another suggestion would be to take hand me downs/second hand clothes because baby goes through a lot of clothes .. no sense spending a ton of money on something that gets stained or outgrown before you know it. Please trust me on this one. (He was in sleepers a lot anyways)

I hope you enjoyed this list and please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below and I would be more than happy to add them to the list 🙂


Disclosure: I had the help of some awesome people to conduct these lists. I have a group where we discuss frugal topics and from that I am able to make these wonderful and informative blog posts. So thank you to everyone in our group


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