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Saying Goodbye To 2017

Can you believe that we’ll be saying goodbye to 2017 in less than 12 hours? We can’t! This year has flown by so fast that it didn’t even seem like a whole year, lol. I guess when you keep busy or are kept busy, time really does fly. Our days of going out and celebrating New Year’s Eve have come and gone years ago. Now we like to spend our time with the kiddos and the in-laws playing cards and board games. Rarely making it until the strike of midnight. That’s the life of a parent. Family time and making lasting memories is the most important thing of all.



So whether you’re out celebrating with friends or spending quality family time at home, we here at Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom wish you and yours a very safe and Happy New Year. Thanks for helping us make our blog and Facebook page what they are today. All the best in 2018! 



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Frugal Canadian Coupon Moms 2017 Gift Guide


Can you believe that it’s ALREADY December? That doesn’t leave long for Christmas shopping. If you’re anything like me (J) you don’t have half a clue what to buy for certain people on your list if not all of them! To help you save some of the stress of what to buy, we’ve created Frugal Canadian Coupon Moms 2017 Gift Guide. We hope that you’ll enjoy our guide and that you’ll leave our blog with some ideas for you Christmas shopping.


Gift Guide 2017:

Company: Imports Dragon


Product: Drawmaster

Description: “Draw the perfect picture every time using Drawmaster! Now you can bring to life your favorite characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider Man, Thor, Captain America and many more from the Marvel universe.”

Cost & Availability: $12.99 CDN, available at Toys “R” Us Canada.

Our experience: This is the perfect gift for that little artist of the house. We love that this product helps our little guy create cool pictures that are easy for him to create. This will be a definite winner with the kids!



Product: Pikmi Pops S1 Large Pack

Description: “Sweet scented plush with a surprise (pendant) or two inside. These come in a lollipop container which you can use for their home. Kids will surely love the soft, scented plushies and pendant. These also come in a variety of different sizes so be sure to check out the site for more products.”

Cost & Availability: $8.99-$26.99 CDN, available at Toys “R” Us Canada &

Our Experience: These are absolutely adorable and smell divine! We just know that kids will love the softness, cuteness and scent of Pikmi Pops Surprise.


Product: Peg + Cat Memory Game

Description: Memory Game

Cost & Availability: $7.99 CDN, available through Toys “R” Us Canada.

Our Experience: We love that this memory game helps with cognitive skills and that it’s a known character/show. A great gift that can be played alone or with someone else.


Product: Qixels Kingdom Ice Warriors

Description: Make, Spray and Play cubes.

Cost & Availability: $14.99-$39.99 CDN, available at Toys “R” Us Canada, Jean Coutu, Archambault, MasterMind Toys and London Drugs.

Our Experience: This is an awesome product. We remember products like these from our childhood and are happy that our son gets to experience the fun of creating characters just as we did as kids. Although this version is a lot cleaner and safer than the kinds when we were younger!


Product: Robocar POLI

Description: “When disaster strikes in Brooms Town, police car Robocar Poli, fire truck Robotruck Roy and their friends on the rescue team race to save the day.”

Cost & Availability: $19-99-$69.99 CDN, available at Toys “R” Us Canada.

Our Experience: These guys and gals are totally adorable and certain ones transform. Great characters for the little guy to play with and act out scenes or just drive around the house.

For more information about Imports Dragon products please visit their website HERE.

Company: Hasbro Canada


Product: furREAL Chatty Charlie, the Barkin’ Beagle

Description: “Chatty Charlie, the Barkin’ Beagle pet is one fun dog. This cuddly pup’s collar translates barks to phrases so you can understand him. With 80+ barks to phrases, he has a lot to talk about!

Watch his ears move as he tries to hide his face! He responds to sounds and touch and he loves to be cuddled. Pet his back and he wags his tail, too!”

Cost & Availability: $69.99 CDN, available at Toys “R” Us Canada.

 Our Experience: This guy is definitely a keeper. He’s super soft, says/barks over 80+ phrases and is so adorable! We know that kids will squeal with excitement when they see and hear this cutey.


Product: Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby (Brown Hair)

Description: “A sick baby needs lots of love to bounce back to their normal smiles and giggles. Kids can nurture the Sweet Tears Baby doll to help her back to health. First, fill her “”juice”” box with water to feed her. . .oh no! She cries tears that mommy or daddy can wipe away. The Sweet Tears Baby doll has an expressive face and responds to her accessories. Kids can give Sweet Tears Baby doll a check-up with the stethoscope and thermometer. Her nose lights up to let kids know she needs her tissue. Pretend to blow her nose or bandage a pretend boo-boo. Flip the switch in her back to choose who she’s speaking to — she says “”Mommy”” and “”Daddy”” so girls and boys can play out nurturing moments. With 35 plus sounds and phrases in English or Spanish, she can tell kids how she’s feeling. . .and that she loves them!”

Cost & Availability: $79.95 CDN (free shipping), available through

Our Experience: This is a sweet baby doll for any little girl (or boy). She’s talkative & even says Mommy & Daddy. She will surely be a nice surprise to find under the tree.



Product: Marvel Spider-Man Mega City Playset

Description: “Imagine Spider-Man swinging into big city action with the towering Mega City playset, featuring 20-plus awesome play features and accessories and 5 levels of web-slinging Spider-Man fun! From the subway to the bank vault, to Peter Parker’s secret lab, this playset lets kids imagine swinging into the world of Spider-Man!

At a towering 46 inches tall – nearly 4 feet! – this playset let’s kids imagine joining Spider-Man in his mission to save the city from villains and bad guys, one web-slinging, wall-crawling stunt at a time! Kids can load the included projectiles and blast them into the scene, or use the sewer trap door to send bad guys hurtling to their doom.

Want to see Spidey (sold separately) in action? Hook him up to the web zipline, let him go, and imagine him swinging into action to stop villains (sold separately) from using the exploding door to steal money bags from the bank! Kids can send bad guys to their doom with multiple trap doors and secret passageways, and lock up to 6 villains (each sold separately) in web jail! With the Spider-Man Mega City playset, the web-slinging, wall-crawling fun of Spider-Man gets a mega upgrade! Includes playset and accessories, figures not included.”

Cost & Availability: $99.99 CDN, available at the Hasbro Toy Store.

Our Experience: This is a totally awesome gift for the Spider-Man fan of the house. From zip-lining to falling through trap doors. The kids will love this gift! *Figures NOT included*  

For more information about Hasbro Canada products please visit their website HERE.

Company: Little Life Box


Product: Little Life Box Subscription Box

Description: “8-12 healthy snacks, skincare & lifestyle items to be discovered in every box. Monthly boxes or gift options available.”

Cost & Availability: $21-$45 CDN, Monthly boxes & gift boxes in Canada. Quarterly boxes in USA. Available through their online store (link below).

Our Experience: We’ve worked with Little Life Box in the past and we have nothing but good things to say about their subscription boxes. It’s nice to try new products that you normally may not buy and the prices are reasonable as well. If you have a health food fan or someone with food allergies in your house this is the perfect gift!

For more information about Little Life Box or to make a purchase please visit their website HERE.

Company: Aukey Canada


Product: LED String Lights 

Description: “10 Modes, 33ft, 100LEDs Fairy Lights, Waterproof, Copper Wire with Remote Control. Great for the Garden, Weddings, Parties, Room Decor, Indoor, Outdoor and more.”

Cost & Availability: $25.99-$27.99 CDN available at Amazon Canada.

Our Experience: For more information about our experience with this product please visit our blog post.


Product: Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser (50ml)

Description: “Mini Oil Diffuser, 50ml, Wood Grain Electronic Aromatherapy Humidifier, Cool Mist, Auto Shut-off.”

Cost & Availability: $29.99 CDN available at Amazon Canada.

Our Experience: For more about our experience with this product please visit our blog post.

For more information about Aukey Canada please visit their website HERE.

Company: The PUR Company


Product: Gum & Mints     Limited Edition Holiday 24 Variety Pack

Description: ” PROMOTES ORAL HEALTH: Naturally sweetened with 100% xylitol — recommended by dentists to reduce plaque build-up and wash away bacteria.

MADE FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY: Vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut and peanut-free.

SWISS MADE & NON-GMO: High quality ingredients sourced from Europe.

DIABETIC FRIENDLY: Xylitol is one of the lowest sweeteners on the glycemic index.

Cost & Availability: $1.69-$60.00 CDN, Available through their online store.

Our Experience: For more information about our experience with these products please visit our blog post.

For more information about PUR Gum please visit their website HERE.

Company: Libre Tea


Product: Garden Dance Infuser Tea Glass

Description: “Bright, feminine and fun- the Garden Dance Pink glass is a favorite among ladies of all ages. You`ll feel as if you`re in a magical garden while admiring the beautiful fuchsia pink filigree swirls of leaves and buds with shimmery silver details. With the same clean glass interior, durable BPA-free poly exterior and removable stainless steel filter as all our models, you`re sure to enjoy pretty & practical hydration wherever you go! Your peaceful tea moments with the Garden Dance Pink Glass will make you feel as if the whole world is a garden, blooming before your eyes!”

Cost & Availability: $23.19 CDN, Available through their online store.

Our Experience: For more information about our experiences with these products please visit our blog post.

For more information about Libre Tea products please visit their website HERE.

Company: MonkeyFingeR Design


Product: KOKOnutz Demonic Frogskin  

Description“The design of the KOKOnutz was to push the centre of gravity as low as we could on the bead making them feel heavier than they actually are.  The shape lends itself to easy grabs for those release tricks.  Weighing in at just 13.5 grams these are built for speed!  If your the casually player the design lets you switch with ease into a laid back mode to chill.  KOKOnutz Begleri is the first to incorporate options so players can adjust the weight and look of their Begleri.  Don’t forget to pick up some extra CHORDS while your here.  They come in 10 different colour packs and two different thicknesses.  If you are new to this skill toy check out our YouTube starting with setting your cord length.  We have lots of Begleri tutorials to get you started.”

Cost & Availability: $40 USD (does not include taxes for Canada), Available through their online store.

Our Experience: We think this is a fun skill toy that will keep the kids and possible even the adults entertained for hours. The fact that they have tutorials is absolutely awesome as some people, like myself (J), might have a difficult time figuring out how to do tricks and such, lol.

For more information about MonkeyFingeR Design please visit their website HERE.

Company: PlaSmart Inc.

Product: The Original DoodleArt

Description: “Choose from seven high quality Full-Size poster kits, and one Mini Kit. All kits come with twelve non-toxic, dual-tipped pens (Calligraphy Tip and fine tip).”

Cost & Availability: $19.99 CDN & $19.99 USD, Available 

Our Experience: For more information about our experience with this product please visit our blog post.

For more information about PlaSmart Inc. products please visit their website HERE.

Company: Mila Rose Boutique


Product: Handmade Soy Candles

Description: “All natural eco-soy candles made from 100% pure soy wax.”

“Soy wax is a natural, renewable resource which is carbon neutral and emits no known carcinogens.”

Cost & Availability: $19.99 CDN, available through their website only (link below).

Our Experience: The fact that these candles are made from all natural ingredients is absolutely awesome! The container candles as well as the travel candles look gorgeous and will make the perfect decor for candle lovers. 

For more information about Mila Rose products please visit their website HERE.

We hope that you’ll find our gift guide helpful. We want to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

*Disclosure: Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom received products for free in exchange for an honest review (snippet) that may differ from yours as well as to advertise for the holidays. We only recommend products that we have personally tried and that we think are a good fit for our readers. All opinions are our own. 

Sugarloaf Deaths – New Info

A little history about the Sugarloaf Mountain crosses in New Brunswick!

Byron Christopher

Ramsey Girls.jpeg A rare photo of the victims: Dorvil and Lottie Ramsay [image courtesy of the Ramsay Family, enhancement courtesy of John Van Horne].

For nearly a century, a pair of hand-painted crosses on Sugarloaf Mountain in Campbellton, New Brunswick, has been a not-so-subtle reminder of how fragile life can be.

On a cool fall evening in 1924, local sisters Dorvil [Ramsay] McLean and Lottie Ramsay plunged to their deaths on the north face of the 1,000-foot extinct volcano.

Dorvil [left] was 22. Lottie [right] was a few years younger. The girls were part of a large family. They had six siblings — two sisters and four brothers.

A light blanket of snow had fallen that fateful Sunday, 9th November, making the climb slippery — and dangerous. Conditions were such that someone could easily take a spill and get hurt.

It was around four in the afternoon when the Ramsay girls…

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