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Cozy Phones Sleep Headphones with Cool Mesh Lining

When it comes to sleep, it’s not always easy! Something that really helps is listening to music or peaceful sounds. Cozy Phones Sleep Headphones with cool mesh lining will not only help you sleep with the sound of music they’ll keep you cool too. There’s no need to worry about multiple cords getting tangled up as there is only one cord which is braided and will not kink or uncomfortable plugs that go in your ears as the speakers are inside the mesh. We love that they’re comfortable enough to be able to sleep with them on and that they double as a sleep mask.  I (J) know that I personally love the comfort of Cozy Phones as I like to listen to music when I sleep/am falling asleep and think that others will enjoy them too!


These also come in adorable animal designs for kids with the same comfort as the sleep headphones.


For more information about these products please check out the website page HERE.

We really enjoy these ear phones as does the little one. We especially like the fact that you can remove the speakers/headphones to wash the mesh lining and that this company is a Veteran owned family business. You know how much we love supporting family owned businesses and causes. All in all we definitely think these would make a great gift for adults and children for any occasion!

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For more information about Cozy Phones please visit their website HERE.

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