Brightening the Night with String Lights from AUKEY Canada

It’s that time of year again. The days get shorter, the nights get longer and darker and if you’re anything like us or me (J) rather, you enjoy the night but also love the light. The little one especially loves brightening the night with string lights from AUKEY Canada. These awesome string lights are waterproof which we find very cool. We also enjoy the fact that these string lights are made out of copper wire making it sooo much easier to maneuver them around corners, around trees and around other odd shapes. What’s also great is that you don’t see the wire when the lights are on.


Check out some of the really awesome features that these lights have:

  • Multi-function Remote Control: 10 meters range with infrared remote control, 10 brightness levels and two modes (flash / uniform), fulfills various requirement of Christmas, wedding, party

  • User-friendly Design: made of high-quality pure copper wire, flexible, lightweight and bendable. IP65 Waterproof , perfect for decoration of plant, railings, rooms, furniture and garden etc

  • Safety: The output voltage of 12V is safe and the rope lights generate very few heat, although after a long time use

  • Excellent LED light chain: 100 mini warm white LEDs provide even brightness, creating a well, dynamic and romantic atmosphere

  • Package Contents: AUKEY LT-SS2 LED String Lights, AC Adapter, Remote Control Receiver, Remote Control, User Manual, 24 Month Warranty


We have to be honest and say that we were a little skeptical when we saw that the string lights were made out of copper wire but upon testing them out, we love them! They’re brighter than other string lights that we have hanging around the house and they can be dimmed for a gentle light that the little one enjoys falling asleep to. We love the multiple functions and that a remote comes with it. For those of us too lazy to get up, lol. Definitely a product worth checking out and great for a gift if you know of anyone making over a room or someone who just likes lights at night like the Mrs and little one.


For more information about AUKEY Canada products please visit their website HERE.


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