What’s In Your Geocaching Bag?

Now if you are new to geocaching, you probably won’t be thinking about having a geocaching bag but trust me, the more you go on, the more you will realize that it’s probably a good idea to carry a bag, because you never what you will need. It’s best to be well prepared!

I have made a list of stuff that would be best to take with you but not obligatory, these are totally optional and you may need something completely different then someone else, I suppose it all depends on how long you’re going, how far and what type of terrain will you encounter? Lots of questions to ask yourself when you are packing your geocaching bag.


This is just a list to get you started and it’s packed with some well used items..

  1. Bookbag/Small bag
  2. Tweezers (for small caches and sometimes to get the log book out)
  3. A pen or pencil
  4. Some little tradables
  5. Bottle of water and snacks
  6. G.P.S or geocaching app on your phone (and of course extra batteries for your GPS and charger for your phone)
  7. First aid kit (accidents happen)
  8. Flashlight (for caches in dark places)
  9. Hand wipes
  10. Trash bags/grocery bags (cito)
  11. A little something hard to write on as sometimes you don’t have a good surface to write on
  12. Camera to take beautiful pictures
  13. Extra log books (in case you come across a cache with a full or damaged log book
  14. Mini ziploc bags
  15. one or two extra pill containers for replacing damaged log containers
  16. Notepad (I do this) to keep track of the caches I found and what day and so on so that when I get home I can log it properly online 🙂

So there ya go, I hope this was helpful and like I mentioned these are totally optional (well except for bringing your own pen, this is 110% true) and it all depends on what & where you will be heading for that day

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family, they might jump right in!!!!




Disclosure: We were given access to the premium features on this website to help ease our review. The views and opinions discussed above are solely of our own and are in no way, shape or form influenced by/from geocaching.com I absolutely love geocaching and wanted to tell everyone about it.

2 responses to “What’s In Your Geocaching Bag?

  1. We’ve never been geocaching. Our library offers kits for rent so we should try it out. Your series makes it sound like so much fun! Thanks for sharing. Besos Sarah.


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