Things you may find in a Geocache

In this post, I put together a list of things that you could possibly find in a geocache. Now remember that you don’t always find these things, alot of the time it is just a log sheet to sign, but I guess it just all depends on the cache owner. If there is anything that I have forgotten please feel free to comment below.

So shall we get started?

  1.  There is almost always a Log Sheet, unless for some odd reason it was muggled, damp or something of the sort.
  2. Sometimes you are lucky and there is a pen/pencil in the geocache in the odd case that you forgot to bring yours. (I think I personally have come across more geocaches lacking a writing stick then I have seen equipped, so that is why it’s so important to bring your own pen
  3. Collectables – Which is basically a trackable item that geocachers can keep. You must still log it as taken so others dont go looking for that item in a cache and it already be gone.
  4. A trackable – Which is an item that you DO NOT keep. Trackables have specific destinations.. Simply log it and/or leave it. Or you can move it to a different cache.
  5. A tradable – This is an item that can be traded for another item of equal or better value. That is just how the game works 🙂 This is why its important to bring some with you while geocaching
  6. Geocoins and alot of other S.W.A.G (stuff we all get)
  7. Sometimes geocaches come in the form of a puzzle, postcards, and Earth caches. You never know what you’ll find. I have even seen people put gift cards for the first person to find it! How cool is that?

Well it’s not a HUGE list but it’s a start.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family, they might jump right in!!!!

Disclosure: We were given access to the premium features on this website to help ease our review. The views and opinions discussed above are solely of our own and are in no way, shape or form influenced by/from I absolutely love geocaching and wanted to tell everyone about it.


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