Geocaching: Why Get Premium?

In this post I am going to be talking about the reasons why I think Premium membership is well worth it. Of course the basic free membership is a great way to start off but I think the more you find, the more you are going to keep on wanting to find, so this is one of many reason.

Check out the list below:


  1. The first best reason to get Premium is because when you purchase that membership, you are supporting the geocaching community. It’s a huge part of what is keeping the game alive!!!
  2. With premium you have access to all the geocaches in the world and premium only caches.
  3. You can create and download lists and maps for offline usage.
  4. You also get full access to the GEOCACHING website and the geocaching app’s best features.
  5. Sort and filter through specific caches and find the ones that are the most convenient for you.
  6. You get to favorite that caches you love (you have to earn the favorite points so it’s kinda special when your geocache gets a favorite)
  7. You get notifications when new caches are available which is pretty awesome because that means you will have the chance to be the first to find a new geocache

All I can say is, try it for a month, it’s less than $10 and if you absolutely love it, then get it for the year! You wont regret it, I promise!!!


Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you give it a try

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family, they might jump right in!!!!




Disclosure: We were given access to the premium features on this website to help ease our review. The views and opinions discussed above are solely of our own and are in no way, shape or form influenced by/from I absolutely love geocaching and wanted to tell everyone about it.

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