Geocaching Slang

***Geocaching Slang***

You may see people writing the following “slang” when they are logging their find online or even in the log books. I have made a list of the most used ones and hope that you find them useful. You can find the complete list of geocaching words HERE



ALR = Additional Logging requirement
BYOP = Bring Your Own Pen
BUG = Travel Bug
Cache = Geocache
Cacher = Geocache
CITO = Cache in trash out
D/T = Difficulty/ Terrain
DNF = Did not find
FTF = First to find
GZ = Ground Zero
LPC = Lamp post cache
LN = Left Nothing
PQ = Pocket query
SL = Signed log
STF = Second to find
SWAG = Stuff we all get
TFTH = Thanks for the hide
TFTC = Thanks for the cache
TNLN = Took nothing left nothing
TB – Travel Bug
TB Hotel = Exchange post for TBs
TOTT = Tools of the trade

There are more geocaching terms but I wanted to keep the slang different from the slang. Please see the link above for the complete list.

Please don’t be shy to comment below if I have forgotten any. I will add them to my list! Thank you SO much for stopping by and feel free to ask any question you may have. I will gladly answer it as best as I can!

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Disclosure: We were given access to the premium features on this website to help ease our review. The views and opinions discussed above are solely of our own and are in no way, shape or form influenced by/from I absolutely love geocaching and wanted to tell everyone about it.


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