AUKEY Earbuds with a Built-in Microphone

I (J) can’t tell you how many pairs of earbuds I’ve been through over the years. If it isn’t from them getting tangled up it’s because the wires start to fray causing them to short out! AUKEY earbuds with a built-in microphone are absolutely amazing. These earbuds are wired so you don’t have to worry about tangling as much and best of all, no fraying. I’m a huge music fan and I’m in love with the quality that these put out with noise reduction because I like to use music as an escape and that’s kind of hard when you can still hear everything going on around you. No joke, I don’t even have to have music going to hear less around me. Think of them as ear plugs. Yay for noise reduction!

Here are some awesome features that these earbuds have:

  • Noise-isolating in-ear headphones with a metal housing that deliver clear, rich sound

  • Delight in a seamless sound experience with soaring highs, warm mids, and pumping bass

  • Take hands-free calls. Play, pause, and skip tracks using the in-line remote with mic

  • 3 pairs of ear-tips/ear bud covers (S/M/L)

  • Carrying Pouch

  • User Manual

  • 24-Month Warranty Card


I really like the fact that I’m able to take hands-free calls with this product. The call was clear for the other person and they had no issues of it cutting out although I did experience a slight hissing noise on my end. This could be from the signal since we do live on a mountain or from my phone which has been dropped numerous times including in the tub! I’ll have to give it another try when I’m in town to see if it makes a difference and post an update. I also like that you can actually hear the bass from the music you’re playing. It’s not often that you can find that and pay a decent price but with AUKEY Canada you can! We definitely suggest that you check out the wide array of products that they have.


For more information about AUKEY Canada please visit their website HERE.


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*Disclosure: Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom received products for free in exchange for an honest review that may differ from yours. We only recommend products that we have personally tried and that we think are a good fit for our readers. All opinions are our own.


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