Painted Rock Craze

We’re not sure if you’ve heard about all of the painted rock craze that’s taken over since approximately May 2017 but this trend is in our area of Canada, the East Coast, and is spreading to other provinces as well as other countries. Which is totally awesome as the kids love to see people sharing pictures in Facebook groups of their rocks and where they’ve been relocated to. This wasn’t exactly something that us adults were into until our first adventure with the kids that is. Once we, the kids, found their first rock everyone was addicted to finding more.


Now, we’re not the best of artists but we started painting rocks with the kids to go hide as well. You take, you replace kind of thing. Plus it’s fun knowing that we’re bringing a smile to someone’s face because of our art work or because of a message written on a rock! Who knew that such a simple act could bring so much joy to so many people?


We absolutely love the idea of this as it gets people out with their kids while being active at the same time and you get to spend quality family time doing something fun. What’s to lose, right? So the next time you’re out for a walk at the park with the kids or just strolling through town to keep an eye out for painted rocks in your town. Trust us, you and your kids will love it!


Has this craze hit the area where you live?

Is this an activity that you think your kids would enjoy?

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