Vermicomposting Update

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve posted. Sorry about that! I (J) came down with Pneumonia and was unfortunately hospitalized for a while because of it. While laying around waiting to get better I decided that it would be great to write a vermicomposting update about our red wigglers since it’s been a year that we’ve had them. Yup, a whole year and these little guys are as content as can be. Yay us!


We love the fact that we’ve cut down a lot on our food waste/scraps since getting our red wigglers. It saves us from having to change the garbage as often as less waste goes into it as well as our recycling as the worms also eat cardboard, newspaper, trays from restaurants and more. These guys are totally awesome and we are extremely happy that we invested our money in them.


We’ve cleaned our worm bin twice so far, once every 6 months, and we’ve received a 5 gallon ice cream bucket full of castings which have done a wonderful job of adding nutrients to our garden as we’ve been reworking the same area/dirt over the last few years to help make a nice nutrient rich area to grow our vegetables. The idea of knowing that the castings are an all natural fertilizer brings us piece of mind knowing that we aren’t eating chemicals! We love our red wigglers and the fabulous job they do. Definitely an investment worth thinking about.


 Do you vermicompost or know anyone who does? Any tips?

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