Super Wings Review

When it comes to television we don’t watch it. We do however like to watch Vlogs and keep up with what’s going on in the land of .t.v.  as it’s always nice to have a few options to entertain the little one, lol. Since we don’t watch much television we were a bit unaware of Super Wings, a cartoon for kids. That is; Mommy and Daddy were unaware! The little one knew exactly what they were when we opened the box. He was some excited to be able to help with the Super Wings review that you’re currently reading and we were excited for the help because we all know that kids know way more than adults when it comes to .t.v. shows. We really like the fact that this show teaches kids about different ethnic backgrounds and cultural practices. Something that we were also unaware of until we had the opportunity to watch the advertisement. Check out the commercial below.

There are 12 different characters to collect, from planes to trucks to even a luggage cart that transform from their vehicle shape to robots. These are definitely cooler looking than the toys like this when we were younger! The quality is great and we didn’t have to worry about the toys breaking when they were being transformed. 


We really like the fact that there are different vehicles as well as the fact that they have female characters for the little girls that like planes too! We absolutely love these toys, their show and the storyline behind it. We definitely think that your little ones will love them as well. We also suggest checking out their show on Treehouse that comes on every day.

For more information about Super Wings by Imports Dragon please visit their website HERE.

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