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Reusing Plastic Grocery Bags (FrugalChat #1)

“”””Reusing Grocery Bags”””” from the stores.

I know that the better thing to do, is to bring your own reusable bag from home to the grocery store but the truth is, we all have these little plastic grocery bags end up in our homes. Well that is okay because I have put together a list of ideas you can use these bags for and by doing this it will keep them out of our landfills.

Great uses for reusing plastic grocery bags

1. Use as stuffing in the bottom of a gift bag
2. Recycling your recyclables
3. To donate stuff in
4. To bring returns back to the store
5. Use them for your wet clothes when you go swimming
6. Carry lunches to work or school or even on picnics
7. Put stinky diapers in them before putting it in the trash can
8. They make great garbages for the car or when you are travelling
9. Doggy poo bags
10. Putting streaks in your own hair
11. Changing the litter box or even lining the litter box with the bag
12. Use as a form of bubble wrap to store fragile items
13. Fill your patio cushions or pet beds with them
14. Sick bags, the clean up is easy
15. Line our paint tray with them for less mess
16. Use them as a disposable glove
17. Store your old rags in them under the sink
18. Boot liners in the winter to keep your feet dry
19. Cover your paint brushes with them so they don’t get hard
20. wrap around car mirrors in the winter so they don’t get full of ice
21. Wrap around your knees to save your pants in the garden
22. Use as a smock for smaller kids

And so much more. The possibilities are endless!!!

What do YOU use your extra bags for if you are a bag recycler?

I hope you enjoyed this list and please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below and I would be more than happy to add them to the listĀ šŸ™‚


Disclosure: I had the help of some awesome people to conduct these lists. I have a group where we discuss frugal topics and from that I am able to make these wonderful and informative blog posts. So thank you to everyone in our group