Twozies; Better Two-gether

What’s cuter than babies and baby animals? Babies dressed as baby animals with adorable baby animal pets and Twozies are better two-gether. Get it, lol! Twozies are absolutely cute toy baby collectibles that are dressed as a specific pet. From seahorses to red pandas to everyday pets such as cats and dogs, these are definitely products that will make your heart fill with happiness as well as your child’s heart. They’ll truly enjoy how sweet and adorable Twozies are and with over 140 characters to collect the excitement will last. For a while anyways!

There’s a catch to these cuties though. The point is to find the matching pet to it’s owner or Twozie. This makes collecting them even more entertaining as you never know what pet or baby you’ll get. Will you find your match? There are plenty of products to choose from such as shops, strollers and more which we think are so cute!

Twozies;-Better-Two-getherKids will definitely enjoy trying to find/collect the matching babies and pet Twozies as well as playing with them of course. These are totally worth collecting. Even if it’s just to display the adorable toys in their shadowboxes. We think that these cuties will be a huge hit with kids.


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*Disclosure: Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom received products for free in exchange for an honest review that may differ from yours. We only recommend products that we have personally tried and that we think are a good fit for our readers. All opinions are our own.


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