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Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie and Icky Pops Review

Have you ever heard of the Grossery Gang? These disgustingly adorable collectibles come in 150 characters of all sorts of gross designs like rotten milk, fuzzy pancakes and more. The little one has obviously seen commercials for these guys because he was super excited when he saw them in the box. We received the Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie from their First Delivery set and the Icky Pops from their Series 2 set. We really enjoyed learning about the rarity of these guys and enjoyed the differences between the characters. Some were soft and squishy, some were hard and others had a sticky feel to them. There were crates that came with them which at first we were a little unsure of hat to do with them other than display our Grossery Gang characters until we watched the video on their website which you can find below. It was cool to see that there was actually a game, so to speak, that we were able to play.

Since we didn’t know much regarding this toy we honestly thought that the Icky Pops were actual ice pops, lol. Upon opening the box we realized that they in fact were not real ice pops and were instead Grossery Gang collectibles. Phew! I think the little one would have been doing the taste testing if that were the case, sorry to say! We have to say that despite looking and sounding gross, these guys are pretty adorable and have made a nice addition to the little ones shelves.


The Mushy Slushie is a container that looks like a slush cup and is a great place to store your Grossery Gang characters that aren’t on display and it even has a fake straw that attaches to the lid. Inside we found a few new members of the gang as well some that were encased in fake ice cubes such as a spider, a fly and more insects. This was great as it added to the “slushie” theme. We truly and honestly enjoy playing with these guys and make it a habit to pick up a character here and there in hopes of collecting all 150.


For more information about the Grossery Gang from Imports Dragon please visit their website HERE.

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