Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness

April is organ and tissue donation awareness month which is something that is very important to us here at Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom. If it weren’t for organ donors I (J) wouldn’t have the opportunity of not being a type 1 diabetic anymore after 29 years of living with it and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to prolong my life with a kidney transplant. I’m extremely grateful for those that take the time to think it over and sign their donor cards. Because of them, I have a second chance at a healthier life as do many people worldwide!


As many of you know, I received the call for my organ transplants in October of 2016. For reasons beyond my control, the surgery wasn’t possible. You can read more about that HERE if you’re interested. While I’m still active on the list, many people are active as well and sadly, many of them never get the organ/organs that they need to live. During my stay in the hospital after the non-transplants, I was informed that there are very few people signing their donor cards these days therefore making finding a matching donor even harder to do.


It was a little disappointing to hear to say the least. Why wouldn’t a person want to help another human being who’s life they could change with a simple signature saying I want my organs to go to someone who has a chance at life? If I was able to donate my organs, I absolutely would. Knowing that I can help save more than one person after my death by allowing my organs to be donated would be an honor. Unfortunately, I’m unable to donate because of my health but many of you are able to and should think about it and speak to your loved ones.

If you’re uncertain or wish to know more information about blood, tissue and organ donation please visit the government on Canada’s website HERE.

Be sure to check out my fundraising campaign & help if you can. The smallest donations still help, big time.

*Disclosure: This post is in no way associated with the Government of Canada and is not sponsored. All thoughts​ are our own.

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