Beautiful Beef Roast

I (J) have been cooking for many years now and love doing my own thing with whatever meal I’m making. One thing that I’ve always done despite hearing and reading that you shouldn’t is cooking meat from frozen. I ONLY do this with meat that is being cooked in the oven and at a lower temperature for a longer amount of time. It makes one beautiful beef roast that’s a hit with the little one and it’s also one of my favorite meats to cook/work with.


Normally, I pour ¼ cup of beef broth, a splash of vegetable oil and desired spices onto the roast for seasoning and put it in the oven at 200°F for 2½-3 hours basting occasionally as well as removing some liquid as it builds up. I then turn the oven up to 300°F and cook it for another hour basting every so often to avoid drying it out. When that hour is up I increase the temperature to 325°F for the remaining hour making sure to baste a few times. 


The fact that the little one asks for seconds of this should say it all, lol. While beef roasts aren’t exactly cheap, we try to pick a few up when they’re on sale and freeze them for future use. 

Do you have any techniques that you use when cooking meats?

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2 responses to “Beautiful Beef Roast

  1. Oh we just had roast beef tonight, my very favorite.

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