Over 85 Money Saving Tips

I have put together a list of over 85 money saving tips that are really great ways that you can be frugal in your life. I like Simple & Frugal and that is exactly what this post is going to teach you =)

Simple & easy tips and tricks to cut that budget down, but by how much?? Only you know the answer to that. Depends on how much work and effort you put into it. If you enjoy being frugal and get a real sense of satisfaction when you are finding ways to save on costs, then you will keep up with it and find even more ways to save!!

Cheers to frugal-ism!!!


Tip #1. Shop the Clearance Bins. <— She makes some really great points! The clearance bin is our first stop at the stores.

Tip #2. 12 ways to Get Cheap or Free Cloth Diapers <—- These tips are HUGE money savers and I totally wish I did this when my son was a baby.

Tip #3. 13 Cheap Datenight Ideas <—– You don’t have to compromise time alone with your partner (if your lucky to get that time alone hehe). Check out these fun tips

Tip #4. 8 Money Saving Tips For The Budget Conscious Family <—– She has the right idea! Seriously some great ways to save

Tip #5. 7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Groceries <—– Groceries are a great place to start on saving money!!

Tip #6. 5 Habits of Frugal People <—- I must admit that i do all 5 of these lol

Tip #7. 11 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY ON ELECTRICITY <— Another major expense, well in this house anyways lol

Tip #8. 10 Ways to Reuse Christmas Wrap <—– A must read. We could all learn a little something from these tips

Tip #9. TOP 5 WAYS TO SAVE $100 A YEAR <—- Just do it 🙂 we did and do not miss it one bit!!!!

Tip #10. MEAL PLANNING MADE EASY <— Now I know first hand that meal planning saves you Time and Money 🙂

Tip #11. Money Saving Monday – tips at home <—— 

Tip #12. 12 Awesome Uses for Your Old Egg Cartons <—– We all have them, why not re use them?


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Disclaimer: I (Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom) have permission to post the links to these blog post, thanks to the owners of the content. I do not claim these posts as my own. I am simply sharing them for your enjoyment


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