Bamboo Laundry Hamper with Lid by ToiletTree Products

​Laundry. Oh how we despise the word and the job that’s involved, lol. Regardless of how much we dislike it, it has to be done. And let’s be honest, those plastic laundry baskets are just horrid looking laying on the floor in a corner piled with clothes! ToiletTree Products has a gorgeous bamboo laundry hamper with lid and a cotton bag that has two compartments to hide those clothing piles and it makes a great addition to ANY room.


The open-slat frame is nice and durable and allows air flow through it which helps prevent the musty smell of wet/dirty laundry. We love that it’s easy to remove the laundry bag when it comes time to wash the clothes. Instead of bringing the entire unit, you simply slip the wooden rods from the bag and away you go to the washer. We also love that this beautiful hamper fits into small spaces allowing for more room wherever you decide to place your dirty clothes basket. But who wants to hide the fabulous look of bamboo? Leave it out to be admired we say!


For more information about the bamboo hamper or other  bamboo products from ToiletTree Products please visit their website HERE.

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