Homemade Gifts Using Bernardin Canning Jars

​Christmas is quickly approaching and sometimes it’s hard to find the right gift for the right person. Homemade gifts using Bernardin Canning jars are a great way to avoid those “what to buy” situations and one that we love the idea of due to the cost friendly options as well as the fact that it’s a gift that comes from the heart!


There are so many different ways to use mason jars for gifts and it wouldn’t be tradition if we didn’t use our beloved Bernardin Canning 250 ml & 500 ml jars. They go great with bows & ribbon! From hot chocolate mixes to candy to cookie mixes to canned goods and even dehydrated soup mixes, these jars are inexpensive and make great gift accessories. 


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    9 responses to “Homemade Gifts Using Bernardin Canning Jars

    1. These are so creative and clever. Makes me want to go out and buy many many Bernardin Jars to build cute presents.

    2. This is such a great idea. It’s useful, beautiful and inexpensive. We need more gifts like these!

    3. I LOVE giving cookie/muffin mix in a jar as gifts. It is not something that will just take up space and is an activity families can do together to make a tasty treat

    4. I love gifts in a jar! 🙂 I’ve done cookies before & they’re so cute & fun to use later! 🙂

    5. Rosanne Robinson

      This is a terrific idea, so you can customize the gift around food allergies, preferences and made with love!

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