One Pot Creamy Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

​This one pot creamy gluten free mac and cheese is simple to make and clean up is effortless. It’s seriously delicious, very creamy and the whole family will love it. Promise! The first time that I (J) made this I omitted the cream cheese as it’s a dairy product that’s too rich for my renal diet. I also used Gouda cheese instead of cheddar which turned out more like a feta type texture. I recommend following the recipe, lol.


What you’ll need:
• ¼ cup water

• 1¼ cups milk

• 1 Tbsp butter

• Pepper & garlic powder to taste

• 1 cup macaroni (gluten-free)

• 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

• 1-2 Tbsp. cream cheese


Bring milk, water, butter and spices to a boil. Add macaroni, reduce heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes or until pasta is tender. You may have to add a bit more milk depending on how quickly it evaporates but do so sparingly so you don’t add too much. Remove from heat, add cheeses, stir and cover for approximately 3 minutes.


As you can see, the above picture where I actually followed the recipe looks much tastier and creamier than my previous attempt. I hope that you’ll give this recipe a try and let us know what you think of it.

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9 responses to “One Pot Creamy Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

  1. Looks delicious!
    I’ll have to make this for my friend; she follows a gluten free diet.

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  4. I think I’ll try this with a chickpea pasta I just reviewed on my blog, I wonder if that will change the texture/taste at all. Looks great!

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