Talking Antidepressants

​Today I feel like talking antidepressants. Why? Well, I (J) have struggled all my life with depression and anxiety. With all the stress involved with my transplants I’ve been overly anxious, depressed and plain old stressed out lately. The later sunrises and the earlier darkness doesn’t exactly help the situation either! I was a hyper-ish person. I would find myself with a heavy chest due to the worrying over things that hadn’t happened as well as the anxiety of life in general. Being on dialysis actually helped because the nurses and doctors both noticed that I get stressed very easily and telling a simple story of going to the store for example, would raise my blood pressure. Going to the store. Can you imagine! 


Thankfully, the doctors decided that I needed something for my anxiety. Controlled substances aren’t a friend of mine and I try to avoid them whenever possible so it was nice to know that they were able to prescribe something that wasn’t going to be addictive; an antidepressant. There’s a lot of stigma around antidepressants/depression that causes people to be silent about the way they feel and not speak with their doctors and a lot of stigma that causes people to be ashamed of being on an antidepressant.


I can’t say that I really care what people think of me taking an antidepressant to be honest but some people do and I’m here to state that there is nothing wrong with needing medication. As someone once described it to me; “some of us have chemicals in our brain that work more & some that work less. These people need medication to help keep their brain chemistry balanced“. I happen to be one of those people! My brain creates too much of a certain chemical that causes extreme anxiety and the antidepressant that the doctor prescribed for me is helping me stay calm in situations where I would normally be overly anxious as well as helping keep my blood pressure in check. So don’t be ashamed of medication that helps balance your chemistry. There are more people than you could ever imagine that take similar medication but keep quiet about it. I for one don’t care what anyone thinks because for once in my life I feel at ease and I’ve never felt better! 


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