Fresh Bread and Other Goodies For Less

​Having a child who goes to school five days a week and absolutely loves sandwiches, we go through a lot of bread! Normally we’d buy our bread when it first goes on the discount rack so that it was still fresh and then freeze it when we got home. We started getting fresh, brand name, bread and other goodies for less by going to a bakery outlet. We still get our bread at the same price that we would have when it was discounted but now it’s direct from the manufacturer, is just as fresh if not fresher than the stuff on the discount rack and the outlet has a point system to earn free bread/goods.


If your little ones go through bread like nothing, we definitely suggest checking out a bakery outlet if you have one in your area. On top of the regular brand name goods discounts, you may find some awesome deals on snacks and more. Definitely worth taking a look at or for!

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