Food Prepping For Winter

​The cold, harsh weather that has been predicted for our area is just around the corner and that means that it’s time to get to the food prepping for winter. A great way to do that is by dehydrating foods/spices and stocking the freezer with vegetables and fruits that are now in season. 


Dehydrated tomatoes and dehydrated onions that will also be used to be make tomato paste and onion powder. We’ll also keep some dried ones for soups, pizzas, dips and more. Throughout the Summer we’ve been harvesting and dehydrating chives, parsley and green onions which we have a nice supply of now. So exciting!

Other things that Frugal Coupon Mom made include:


• Mini shepherds pie.

• 2 gluten-free/vegetarian lasagne (there were 3 but we ate 1)

• spaghetti sauce

• Chili

• hash browns


• french fries


(Both the hash browns and fries were made from yellow, red and white potatoes that we bought)
Do you do any freezer prepping for the Winter? What do you stock up on?

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