Pumpkins and Spookiness

​Yay, it’s October! One of my (J) favorite times of the year and what a wonderful start we’re having here in Atlantic Canada with a weekend of 18° and 19° Celsius. Let’s hope that it’s warm like this for Halloween. After all, October IS about pumpkins and spookiness and cold weather just dampens that spirit. Plus, the warmer weather makes for great outdoor pumpkin carving!


Every year we like to buy hay bales to decorate the yard with gourds and pumpkins placed on top as well as to stick decorations in. When the season is over we spread the hay in our garden and flower beds to help stop weeds from growing through next year and to become compostable material that gives the ground nutrients for our vegetables. Win-win!


While these are amazing reasons for loving October, my one true love about this month is Halloween and the creepiness that comes with it. Possibly the candy too, lol.

Are you a fan of October? If so, what do you like about it?

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2 responses to “Pumpkins and Spookiness

  1. I love the pumpkin patch visit with the kids – so looking forward to that soon. I also have a vampire … thing – so October is a fun month to, well, reflect on that (haha!).

    • Hahaha! Everyone has their own reasons for liking October. Whatever that may be 😉

      Pumpkin patches sound like a fun idea. The wife and I will have to see if there are any in our area. The little one would love it! ~J~

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