Our Second Summer

It’s hard to believe that it was the 18th of September today and it felt like it was 24°C here on the East coast of Canada. September is usually our second Summer but it doesn’t normally get as warm as it has been. Not that we’re complaining! According to the weather stations here, we will be experiencing warm weather all the way until the end of October and possibly even part of November. Woot-woot! This is great for our garden which is only starting to bear the majority of it’s fruit (veggies) now and we’re hoping that the longer stretch of warm weather will help bear even more goodies. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


So far we’ve had a whole bunch of green tomatoes and approximately 5-6 cucumbers that have been harvested along with many sweet green peppers and potatoes. We had two plots grown from seed potatoes and we tried our luck growing some in a bin/tote using potatoes from the store that had started to sprout eyes. We’ve also been fortunate enough to get three or more harvests of chives, green onions (also bought and re-sprouted) and parsley that we dehydrated.


Above is just a few of the tomatoes that we picked. There are more that couldn’t fit in the bowl plus many on the plants that will hopefully grow bigger and even turn red! Other than the late bearing fruit/vegetables and the green tomatoes we were surprised at how good our garden grew. Next year is going to be bigger and better. So we have planned.


Has your harvesting time ended or have you been lucky enough to have warm temperatures stay later in your area as well? Any tips as to what we should grow next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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