Boxes Birthday Cake Gift

It’s no surprise that Pinterest is one of the best places on the web to find awesome ideas for pretty much anything you need an idea for! We love the site for ideas for kids and the niece was celebrating a birthday so we, the wife, decided to make a boxes birthday cake gift for her. What is a boxes birthday cake gift? Well, it’s a tier cake made with decorative boxes or containers of different sizes which creates the tier. Largest on the bottom, medium for the middle and small for the top. This is great because you can basically make it any size you want with as many tiers as you want.


We really like the idea of this gift as it’s one that’s actually multiple gifts combined. We filled the boxes with different sized gifts and taped smaller gifts all around the boxes. We then wrapped the stacked boxes with ribbon, topped off the present with a crown and wrapped it in cellophane. 

Do you know of any cool ways to present gifts? We’d love to hear them.

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