Campfire Cooking Recipes

Summer is the time to get outdoors and have tasty meals on the fire. From burgers to hotdogs to kabobs, there are many different campfire cooking recipes! We’ve collected a few delicious sounding recipes from some blogger friends and have decided to share them with all of you. Just in case you don’t know what to cook other than meat or veggies on the BBQ like us, lol.


Check out some of those great campfire recipes here:

1. Fire Roasted Sweet Potatoes by This West Coast Mommy.

2. Campfire Pizzas by Merry About Town.

3. Grilled Vegetable Basket by Tales Of A Ranting Ginger.

4. Campfire Banana Boats Super Yummy and easy by Thinking Outside The Sandbox Family.

5. How to Make the Perfect Smore by Tales of Mommyhood.

6. Smores Stuffed Strawberries by The Bewitchin’Kitchen.

7. Grilled French Toast Skewers by Merry About Town.

8. Easy To Make Camping Recipes by Tales Of A Ranting Ginger.

9. Cooking Eggs On A Campfire? Eggs In Green Peppers On The Campfire #BBFEggs by Sober Julie.

10. BBQ’d S’mores by The Bewitchin’ Kitchen. *May also be done on a campfire. 

We hope that you enjoyed reading these recipes and will give them a try so that you can enjoy them even more! A huge thank you to This West Coast Mommy, Merry About Town, Tales Of A Ranting Ginger, Thinking Outside The Sandbox Family, Tales Of Mommyhood, The Bewitchin’Kitchen and Sober Julie for sharing their tasty looking recipes with us and our readers.

Do you do any campfire cooking? If so what types of dishes/desserts do you like to make?

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