Composting with Worms

​Food waste. The very thought makes us shudder! With the cost of food these days and the millions of people starving around the world, can anyone blame us? Unfortunately, food does go to waste in our house sometimes and it’s aggravating that we wasted money on it. We’ve found a way to use these scraps of food which in turn helps us; Composting with worms!


The actual name for worm composting is called vermicomposting. The worms eat our scraps (spoiled fresh foods) and their poop or “castings” as they’re called, becomes nutrient rich soil for our garden and flower beds. It’s actually pretty cool once you’ve had the opportunity to read more about it or in our case, experience it first hand.


There are different breeds of worms that you can use for composting but not all worms eat as quickly as others do. We went with Red Wigglers (Eisenia fetida) since they seemed to be the best option for our temperatures and because they eat a lot. Did you know that a Red Wiggler can eat 1/2 it’s body weight worth of food scraps in a week? So 1 pound of worms can eat 1/2 a pound of scraps weekly!


These worms are an invasive species that ended up in Canada years ago when European settlers brought them with them. This is why these are a great species to use for “worm bins”. Yes, that  means that they live in our house. In a bin of course! They are a bit creepy with the way that they squirm around and move quickly but the benefits of what they do and the fact that the food is being turned into soil and not thrown out is worth more than anything we can say.


Do you or anyone you know compost or vermicompost? 

*Update: A worm farmer has informed us that blending the food scraps can cause problems down the road. Simply place a week’s worth of food scraps in their bin once a week and check to see after 2 weeks if the food is completely gone. If it is, continue to feed them the way that you are. If it isn’t, don’t feed them quite as much.

*Disclosure: We at Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom are not worm farmers or experienced in vermicomposting. This is our first time doing this and we are simply sharing our experiences and our learnings along the way.

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