Why Socks Go with Sandals

Do you ever do things in a different manner than most people? Or dress a certain way than others? I (J) wear socks with my sandals and it’s well known that socks and sandals = a fashion faux pas but there are a few reasons why socks go with sandals for me.

1. Jeans look perfectly fine with socks and sandals on those cooler Summer nights, plus they keep my feet warm.

2. Socks keep my hands from becoming clammy as well as my feet from sweating on hot days. Clammy hands and feet when it’s hot is something that seems to run in our family.

3. Wearing socks with sandals allows me to show off my funky socks that are normally hidden in a pair of shoes. Bonus for me, lol.

4. I don’t conform to society and this is one way of showing that I’m not concerned with other peoples opinions. I’m being me and many people like who I am!

Do you have any fashion faux pas that friends and family like to tease you about? We’d love to hear them.

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