Long Weekend Fun

It’s finally here; Victoria Day long-weekend. Also known as May 2-4 but that means nothing to those of us who can’t don’t drink. Nothing against those who do other than jealously of course, lol! Either way, it’s the long-weekend fun outdoors that excites us.


Sadly, there’s nothing that goes on around our area to celebrate the Victoria day long-weekend. You might be lucky and catch someone shooting fireworks off over the river but it’s rare! We usually spend our long-weekend either with family barbecuing, at the beach or both.


We had a few family barbecues over the weekend as well as some downtime at the beach. The kids enjoyed playing in the sand, splashing in the Ocean, going to the ice cream parlor and playing at the park while us adults basked in the sun and enjoyed less bickering than normal, lol.


We had a great Victoria day long-weekend spent with family, fresh air and sunshine galore. We hope you all enjoyed your long-weekend and would love to hear what fun stuff you and your family did to celebrate. Any family gatherings? Did you hit up the lake? Were there any celebratory events in your area?

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