Gardening Indoors

We haven’t exactly had the weather to be planting a garden yet here and we won’t be able to until June when the frost goes away for good. We decided that since we don’t get a very long growing season that we would do our gardening indoors until it can go outdoors.


One of the things that we decided to do, thanks to YouTube, was try growing our potatoes in a plastic tote. The potatoes that we used were from the store and had started by growing eyes. To our surprise they grew!

Another thing that we tried was planting individual garlic cloves which also sprouted:


We also have tomato plants, green onion, carrots, pepper plants and parsley growing in the house right now and hope to get more seedlings prepared for the great outdoors, lol.


We can’t wait for June to get our garden outdoors but we really can’t wait to reap the rewards at the end of the season.

Do you start seedlings for the garden indoors? If so what types?

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