Bring Back the Bees with Earth Day

We’ve been hearing it for years; the bee population is dwindling. That’s no surprise with global warming, yes it’s real, not to mention pesticides being sprayed on gardens, flower beds, crops and trees, all of which bees use to pollinate. Are you aware that 1 in 3 bites of food we eat is made possible by the pollination that bees provide?


Earth Day is April, 22nd, 2016 and we think that it’s the perfect time to not only help the Earth but the bee population as well!

Every year we, as a family, do our part by helping clean up loose debris, broken branches and other messes that have accumulated over the Winter months. This year we’ll also be planting flower beds, more than the one that we already have thanks to General Mills Canada who’s donated 115 Million wildflower seed packs, as well as creating nesting areas for the bees to lay their eggs.


We think it’s admirable that big name companies are helping to bring light to this matter because we all know that without bees there will be no food for human consumption. So let’s get out there and do our parts to #BringBackTheBees!

Visit Bring Back The Bees for more information about what you can do to help as well as to enter their contest for 1 of 5 $5000 flower garden makeovers.

*Disclosure: We (Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom) were not compensated for this post. We simply think that this is a worthy cause that should be spread across the internet.

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