April Showers Bring Flooding Rivers

The saying “April showers bring May flowers” only applies when you have little to no snow or live somewhere where there is no adjoining waterways. For our area April showers bring flooding rivers which results in flood watch warnings, barricaded roads, the if’s and when’s the ice will run and how much damage it will cause.



Why? Because we live in an area where 2 major rivers join together that create one big river. Also known as a flood zone.



People gather along the side of the highways this time of year to watch the huge chunks of ice and the tons of extra water rush towards the ocean, destroying many things in it’s path.



We live at a higher altitude and thankfully don’t have to worry about our own home and belongings being washed away by the river or by them being ruined from the flooding waters. We do however worry about those that will incur damage or lose their belongings.


We will most definitely be doing a Spring clean up, indoors as we do every year, that will go to help those that are in need after the overflowed waters have receded.

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