Teddy Stuffing Fun with Teddy Bear Loft

Teddy bears have been around for centuries, bringing security and comfort to kids young and old. Whether you snuggle with them at night or put them on a shelf to display to the world, teddy bears are awesome! Having something that you make as a child is awesome too and is something that brings pride and joy. Put the two together and what do you get? A company that we really love, as does the little one, named Teddy Bear Loft!

This company has a wide range of stuffed animal designs that kids stuff and seal themselves which allows the child to make their teddy as soft or as firm as they like. These adorable stuffed animal kits come with stuffing, hearts, certificates of creation or birth if you’d like, the teddy and instructions. * It is important to follow the instructions or you will have to start over as we did, lol.

We received:

● “Dyno” the Dinosaur. 16″ tall.


● “Spots” the Leopard. 8″ tall.


Didn’t the little one and his cousin do a great job?

We truly enjoyed watching and occasionally assisting the kids put together these adorable stuffed animals. We’re certain that all kids will love Teddy Bear Loft products!

For more information about Teddy Bear Loft and their products please visit their website HERE.

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*Disclosure: Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom received products for free in exchange for an honest review that may differ from yours. We only recommend products that we have personally tried and that we think are a good fit for our readers. All opinions are our own.


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