Squashed from PlaSmart – Great for Family Game Night

I absolutely love Plasmart toys. They are fun and super durable. They have products for kids of all ages (including adult-kid hehe). We recently had to chance to try out their game called Squashed. This is a 3D game that the whole family can play.. We love playing ours on family-game-night 🙂 I loved that you can work on more than one playing surface and you really gotta think of each move you make!!! I loves me a good thinkin’ game. 

squashed game


How to play:

Roll the die and strategically eliminate other players by landing on them or in the grey squares to eliminate 1 whole cube side. Eliminate your opponents by strategically moving up or around the cube in any vertical or horizontal direction. Be the last player with a pawn on the SQUASHED cube and you will win the game.

I find the best part about it is just when you think your about to win, you just might lose your last piece if someone Squashes you. It’s so fun that you never know how the game will really turn out each time.

Includes: Squashed Cube, Base, King Token, 16 Pawns and easy instructions.


Playing a game of Squashed with my little fella!!!


Check out the other products from Plasmart! I know that the whole family will enjoy them.

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3 responses to “Squashed from PlaSmart – Great for Family Game Night

  1. I’d heard of this game but didn’t know how to play it. We have a bunch of Plasmart products and love them all!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  2. Looks like fun, will keep our eyes out!

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