Full moons and mood changes! Coincidence??

Do you have a child whose attitude coincides with the cycle of the moon? We do & its noticeable, to us anyway!

The last Full Moon was on January, 23/2016  & we swear that for 3 days leading up to the full moon our little guy became a little devil (to put it nicely lol). He would talk back, be purposefully defiant and just not be himself.


This is nothing new to us as it’s something that’s went on since he first became “dependent”. 3 days before the full moon which happens every month of the year, our little one becomes a totally different little being. Once that full moon’s gone he becomes the little guy that brings his dishes to the sink without being asked and the little guy that hangs up his stuff.

We believe that Astrology is pretty accurate it, in his case anyways.

Could it be that certain astrological occurrences  may possibly have an effect on children and human beings in general?


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