10 days, 10 bags…. See what it’s all about #clutterfree —–

I’ve decided to start my own #10days,10bags challenge. Now normally I try to de-clutter the house on a monthly basis but things seem to pile up and there’s always little areas that need some work!

So before I even started, I made a list of all the places in my home that need some extra attention Warning sign then set off to my bedroom with a plastic bag waiting to be filled. I decided to start with a drawer full of old bills (and lord knows what else lol) as well as my little coupon holder.


Day 1





Now, I believe the 40bags 40days challenge had originally started for people with major clutter issues, to help them accomplish de-cluttering in little bits rather than overwhelmed and discouraged because there’s so much to do. However, I am doing a 10 day challenge because I don’t have all that much clutter, but I do have some and that’s why I am doing this post. 🙂

Here is my first bag of unnecessary clutter and cleared space… Since its bills and personal info I will be burning these papers instead of the normal recycling but I did it 🙂 And this is the results:




Check out to see what I “De-Clutter” tomorrow on Day 2



Day 2.

Today while I was giving my son a bath, I decided to start cleaning and de-cluttering since I was already in the bathroom. I went through cupboards, draws, make-up, lotions and more.


Here’s what it looked like before I went through everything.. (it wasn’t all that bad but still a little messy)











So as you can see, I got rid of 2 grocery bags and a huge empty bottle… You know, I’m really liking this challenge so far 🙂


day 2


Day 3.

Well today is my third day doing the #10days10days challenge and I woke up this morning excited to get started on the de-cluttering, so I made my morning coffee and set off to my son’s room to clean through his toys. What a mess in there (and to think I just went through them right before Christmas).

The before pictures:


I don’t like to keep things if they are broken or missing half the parts to it, so this is what I kept in mind when sorting the toys.

d3 b4

This is the before picture (it’s a little over dramatic lol as the toys usually are not scattered on the floor like this) but I still wanted you to see how many toys he has. Actually this is not even all of them because he has a toy box full (as shown in the pics)

After a few hours I managed to get through the mess… I came out with 3 nice and full bags of clutter… I will be shipping these toys off to “goodwill” and I even organized his cars in different boxes so he doesn’t have to empty the toy box looking for a single toy..


And here is the result :



Day 4.

Today I decided to clear out the pantry shelf and my Tupperware cupboard.. What a mess lol.. ‘ Oh c’mon you can’t tell me that your Tupperware cupboards don’t look the same lol ” 😛.



So here is the Pantry… I like to keep my pastas and breakfast type stuff on here… As you can see everything has eventually ended up thrown up there..


Well I fixed that. 🙂 And here is the result of 4 of de-cluttering.

pan afte

Over all I ended up with 3 grocery bags full.. 1 of them was for my mom (it was her tupperware that made its way here lol) and also a bag of pastas that I wasn’t going to eat, was donated..

day4 bags


Day 5.

Today I cleaned the rest of our cupboards out and ended up with 3 bags of garbage/ expired items and 1 bag of candy for next Halloween as well as 1 bag of stuff that I gave away!!! So over all I think I’ve been doing great at keeping up with this 10days10days challenge but even better, I usually end up with multiple bags full :-)…



Ahhh it feels so good to declutter…. Have YOU been trying a challenge for yourself??? I would love to hear all about it…


So far I am very proud of myself to keeping up with this challenge.


Day 6.

Today I had a cupboard that I totally forgot about and it didn’t get de-cluttered yesterday… And that is my baking cupboard… Now silly me totally forgot about the before picture on this one.. I was just so excited to get it cleaned out. LOL


Here’s the result of it being cleaned: I had things in there was expired in 2002 hehe.. So as you can tell, I don’t use this cupboard as much, unless it’s to get the common baking product…

after shefl

Over all I ended up taking away a grocery bag full of old and expired foods from up there and I am pretty happy about it 🙂



Day 7.

Well today I decided that I was going to de-clutter this “Junk” cupboard. You wouldn’t believe all the crap (excuse my language) that was in that basket that wasn’t being used.. Well today I had the chance to declutter it and here are the before and after pictures…




My after picture: To me this still looks a little cluttered but it’s all things we use and I did manage to still get a bag full of clutter including things from my freezer…



afterrr cup



I also went through the freezer (small on in fridge) and it helped me to fill my bag for Day 7 of de-cluttering and organizing my home. I didn’t get my after pictures.

Here is the before picture of the freezer:




Day 8.


Today I really wanted to clean out our “medicine” cupboard because I know there’s a ton of stuff that needs to be taken out of there.. It’s jammed packed with products that we don’t even use, so might as well dispose of them.!! (And yes the hubby is on all kinds of medicines, having diabetes, celiac disease, kidney failure & more)


Here’s what it looked like before I went in to declutter:



And finally after a few minutes I ended up with a bag full of un-used products that were able to be disposed of properly and some even able to be donated around to folks whom I know use the stuff 🙂

bag 8


Day 9.

Well today I decided to clean out the closet at the entrance which has our seasonal stuff, tools and other junk lol. So this is what it looked like before I went in with my bag!!!:




And after about 45 mins of going through tools and old clothes that we don’t use, I came outta there for a full black garbage bag of junk to be donated… A smaller bag was garbage… And over all I am happy with the results.. Now I can actually see the floor lol


Here’s the end result!!! Not to shabby eh?


Day 10.

The final day!!!

Ahhhhh how it feels good to be less-weighed down by unnecessary clutter and junk in my home… I REALLY recommend that you try this little challenge!

I had to go back in my son’s room for a little better clean and I managed to cut down the car population by 40%. This little guys had wayyy more than what’s in the picture but we got rid of broken and non-played with cars…

Another area we worked on was the Legos.. They were all over the place, in the bottom of toy boxes, lying around where they shouldn’t be, but we fixed that 🙂

Look how neatly they are ALL put away now!!!!!



AND FINALLY, I can rest a little easier knowing my home is a lot less cluttered!!


Thanks so much for following me on this journey… I would really love your thoughts on this!!!!!


Have you filled a bag of clutter from your home today?????? please feel free to share with us below.

I will say this, it’s so much easier doing this over a period of 10 days as oppose to trying to get it all done in one day and getting discouraged!!!!


3 responses to “10 days, 10 bags…. See what it’s all about #clutterfree —–

  1. Working Mom Musings

    Good idea! This has inspired me to begin;

  2. I love decluttering. I wasn’t really trying the challenge this year but since January came in I have already filled and donated 11 garbage bags full of clothing to goodwill or passed down to friends etc. It feels good to get rid of things that are no longer needed. I hate clutter. 🙂

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