We need your feedback asap please!

I am in the process of revamping our website and I am sort of stuck on this decision making stuff haha. I love couponing, don’t get me wrong but it is very time consuming to constantly check them to make sure that they have not expired or anything of the sort !! So I think I am going to remove this section of our site!!!


Some of the fun things that I like to talk about or share with you guys is the Frugal/DIY section. I hope you like it as much as I do and want to continue seeing us share posts about this specific subject..






Another thing we are pretty big on is food. The hubby and I both love to cook/bake so anything food related is a must 🙂 Of course it’s mostly stuff we make that we want to share with you but there will be surprises once in awhile 🙂


And the 3rd thing we really enjoy doing is reviews/giveaways of course! We love testing out products and sharing our thoughts with you guys! We love feedback and hearing of Your experiences on the specific items we post about!


So the reason that I am writing this post for you today is because I really want your feedback and opinions on all of this!!



Untitled design (1)


#1. What do you like/not like about the above categories. Are you interested in these topics


#2. Name other topics you like reading about when you are online ???


After all I want to be different from the other bloggers out there.. I want to do my own thing and please all of you (if I can). Because if it wasn’t for all of you, I wouldn’t be here posting for your enjoyment 🙂


Thanks so much and like I said, your opinion is very much appreciated!!


5 responses to “We need your feedback asap please!

  1. Love the topics especially the reviews!

    The food is an extra bonus.

    DIY is awesome especially if you tell us about how difficult you found the project (that’s always my biggest fear when starting DIY). Some people make it look so so easy but when I go to try it…well, it doesn’t go as smoothly!

    Personally, as you know, I also enjoy healthy things but these can be shown in your reviews (if you get any…I know you have in the past). 😀

    Outdoor/gardening would be of interest to me as well but I think this could be something you could add in for some DIY project.

    Otherwise I love it! Can’t wait to see all the changes. 😀

  2. Thanks Steph 🙂 appreciate your feedback and very good choices 🙂

  3. Debbie Bashford

    I like reviews, DIY and food but hope they won’t all be geared to or for children.

  4. Hi, I love recipes and I can sometimes find myself in a slump of what sounds good for supper, reading posts with recipes gives me new ideas and also reminds me of recipes I have already had and forgot about. I love trying new recipes.
    I love your sea glass, I find it so intriguing. If I lived near you, I would have taken this up myself, but I live nowhere new an ocean or shore. I am always curious and in awe of what you found or are making with sea glass. 🙂
    I also love DIY projects, I always have.
    I also love reviews and giveaways of course. Always fun.
    If their is a section of your blog you have grown tired of doing and/or takes too much of your time, well it’s your blog and you do what works best for you!
    Thanks, I enjoy your blog.

  5. I love food, diy and frugal tips. There are lots of couponing sites out there that are taking the time to compile them all and check them so if it is not your passion pass on it. I find too often coupons are for over processed not healthy foods anyway so don’t use them too often.

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