Mild temperatures in Eastern Canada

It’s January and we’ve been lucky to have been blessed with a warmer than usual winter here in Atlantic Canada. In 18 years, this’ll be the first time that the bay hasn’t frozen over. Normally you would see shanties in little bunches everywhere on the ice at this time of the year!

While we’ve been lucky with the temperatures here we were also lucky enough to get snow which is no surprise living where we do in Canada.


The snow and warmer temps have given is more opportunities to get outdoors and be active rather than trying to find ways to keep our bodies moving while we’re indoors.

A few things that we did so far this Winter was:

• Sliding. Our national park has a designated sliding hill which is completely free when you bring your own sled. They also have tubes available to rent.

• Snowshoeing. We/the neighbors (family members) have many sets of snow shoes that we borrow to head out on an adventure walks where we would normally sink.

• Building snow forts. This is a fun activity as you can shape your fort however you want. * we are talking about a fort which has no roof. In other words; not a tunnel!


It’s not often that we get weather like we have been or a day that we can all be together as a family so we’re enjoying it. We hope that you all are as well.

Happy January!


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