The little boy who lost his name, book review.

I recently had to chance to check out this awesome book called “The little boy who lost his name”. This company really is trying to bring back the magic in the world, and what better place to start then a children’s book. They even had a little help from the Dragon’s Den. Together, they got even bigger and now they are a part of a lot of children’s bedtime routines.

Lost my name combines the power of stories with the possibilities of technology, to create magical, personalized experiences for kids. They really are on a mission to make children around the world more clever, curious and kind.

They have a story for every child or child’s name and their goal is to build the best personalized entertainment company in the entire world. They are also the world’s first full stack publishers, developing, printing, distributing and supporting all their own products in-house.



The best of this book, is that they ship all over the USA and UK (for now). And you know what? Shipping is FREE !!!! How awesome is that? They are also very fast with the shipping. It was here in no time at all. You can save Up to 25% off books when you buy more than one book.!!

I really recommend you ordering this book, the child you give it to will fall in love with it, I can promise you that.!

This would make the absolute best gift to anyone who loves to read or be read to! We love reading our book to our son and best of all, he loves it. He was so intrigued by it the first time we took it out to read it to him. The story is lovely and the pictures are very clear and cute! You can tell that he feels so special that HIS name is in the book, and that it was his name that they were looking for the whole time. It really is magical to see 🙂

To find out more information or to order your book today, please visit

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