Living Donors and Islet Cells (Montreal Update)

As many of you know, I (J) recently attended a meeting with my transplant team in Montreal, Quebec. I received a lot of new information that left me searching for even more answers which I am keeping note of and will be asking the transplant co-ordinator.


I am currently on the list for a Pancreatic-Kidney transplant but have been informed that a pancreas will only last between 3-5 years and requires an extensive surgery. I was also informed about a method that has a 90% success rate and would not require surgery. This method involves a general anesthesia, a needle and islets which are clusters of cells found in the pancreas. This method would also require a live donor that would also be donating a kidney to me.

The reason that I would need both a kidney & the islets from the same donor is because my body will try to fight off these new body parts and it’s less likely that they’ll be rejected if they contain the same DNA.

This is a lot to think about for myself as well as those that are willing to donate their kidney & islets to me. There’s a lot to read into before making such a big decision as a donor and I want to make sure that those that have offered me an organ & cells are completely aware of the “pro’s” & “con’s” of being a live organ donor.


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While I’m still learning myself, the clock continues to tick so I’m directing potential donors to the sites below:

Healthy Canadians

Kidney Foundation of Canada

My decision has been made to go with a living donor and islets as it allows me 1 less surgery as well as a decreased recuperation time in hospital and has a great success rate as does the surgery.

If you would like to be a living donor for both procedures please feel free to send a private message with the subject Living Donor for my transplant co-ordinators contact info. My blood type is B- & I can receive organs from B- & O- only.

If you would like to help by supporting my fundraising campaign you can do so  HERE.




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3 responses to “Living Donors and Islet Cells (Montreal Update)

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  2. Good luck ! I hope you find someone this is so important and it must be so difficult for the family so do keep faith and keep strong and I will pray for you all

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