Perfectly Pressed Jeans Without The Work

When it comes to my (J) clothes I prefer them to smell nice, be free of fuzzies and most of all wrinkle free! I can thank my Step-Mother for instilling these habits in me and I truly and honestly mean thank.

Seriously, how many men do you know that know how to properly do laundry and even know how to sew by hand?

One thing that I was brought up knowing was how to iron my clothes as I was in Karate and had to keep my Gi wrinkle free and it was proper to have pressed jeans/dress pants.


To this day, I still love my jeans pressed but we don’t own an iron anymore. Do they even still make them? Any who, if you like pressed jeans and hate wasting time with ironing or trying to figure out what setting the dryer needs to be on. I have a secret tip for you:

• Wash your jeans/dress pants as you normally would. Don’t forget liquid fabric softener.
• After they’re done washing. Hang them over the towel rack.
• Be sure to straighten them out so that they’ll dry wrinkle free.
• Close the door and let the heat of the room dry them.
• Check them in a few hours and turn them over so the drier side is down.
• By the next morning you will have perfectly pressed jeans!

hanging pants

Don’t worry if you forget to flip the pants over. As long as the door is closed they’ll dry.

This trick will save you from using the dryer for at least 2 loads if you separate your clothes. In turn saving you a few cents maybe even dollars each week.

* Disclosure: This is a trick that we (Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom) use. It may be different from the “regular” laundry routine but this is what works for us.


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2 responses to “Perfectly Pressed Jeans Without The Work

  1. I too love an “iron looking” pair of jeans/pants. I hang mine straight on the clothes line and let the outdoors do all the work!

    P.S. How do you not have an iron and I have several (and don’t use any of them)!?

    Besos Sarah.

    • We love to hang our clothes to dry. The fresh air smell and the wrinkle free look makes me love the line but I don’t find the clothes dry in the Winter. They basically freeze and then thaw once indoors.
      the heat is always on in the bathroom and the clothes come out nicely pressed as well. Sadly, we don’t own an iron. Don’t judge, lol 😉 ~J~

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