Kidney Disease And Dying To Live

It’s hard when you’ve lived with a chronic illness all your life, it’s harder being diagnosed later in life with even more health problems and it’s the hardest when people all around you are dying due to complications of the same or similar diseases.

See, yesterday I lost an Uncle to Kidney Disease and Lupus (testing was in process). He went to dialysis treatment as we do every other day, he started feeling bad and was sent to a bigger hospital in another town to be looked after. We aren’t even sure if his sisters made it to the hospital an hour away before he passed?

He seemed to be a healthy man other than the kidney disease and possible Lupus. This is what scares me! I could have a heart attack at any minute without notice. Our bodies go through such stress caused by dialysis and I honestly don’t think anyone knows just how hard it is on your body to have blood removed and put back into your system.


Some of the major issues that we suffer from and that are/can be life-threatening:

• low blood pressure
• muscle cramps
• itching that becomes worse during treatment
• sleep problems due to aching legs and/or sleep apnea
• anemia (low red blood cell count. Thin, water-like blood)
• bone diseases
• high blood pressure (hypertension)
• fluid overload (heart failure, pulmonary adema)
• inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart (pericarditis)
• high potassium (hyperkalemia) which can cause the heart to stop
• access site complications (infections, ballooning of the vessel walls (aneurysm)
• depression
• mood swings
• anxiety

These are just a few of the many complications that those of us could deal with at any given moment. Not everyone is wheelchair bound and not everyone looks sick. There are many things to learn about Kidney Disease and a lot of things that we have to deal with on a regular basis. Even the healthiest looking people are dealing with some sort of complication so don’t judge others. You never know what they’re going through despite that smile on their face saying that all is good.

If you’d like to know more about this disease please visit the Kidney Foundation of Canada HERE.

To make a donation to my fundraising campaign please visit Go Fund Me.

*This post has not been sponsored. All opinions are those of Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom (J).

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6 responses to “Kidney Disease And Dying To Live

  1. So Sorry for your loss. I have just been though this. My dad just died Oct 14th 2015. The hardest thing I have ever been through. He was on dialysis for 10 and a half years. He gave us his smile and presence for all those years right to the end.

    • We’re sorry for your loss as well. My Uncle had other issues from what I’m hearing but it doesn’t make it any easier either way. It’s been slightly over a year that I’ve been on dialysis and I’m looking forward to my transplants. ~J~

  2. I would like to make a small donation by money order. Please email me personally to give me your mailing address.

  3. My condolences about the passing of your uncle.

    I am so sorry to hear about all the pain and stress that you live with every day. I hope that your transplant comes soon and that you can get on with living the life that you were meant to live.

    Besos Sarah.

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