Kids And Hot Cars

It’s been 5 wonderful years since our baby boy was born and we’ve been through a lot along the way as most parents have.We understand that mistakes can happen and that people forget things a lot. Hell, we forget more things on a daily basis than a 3 year old asks questions! Our child is something we’ve never forgotten though.

We sit here trying to understand how a parent could forget their child in a hot car. We can understand forgetting for a few seconds as the excitement of a sale overcomes you , even minutes but we guarantee that our parental instincts would soon kick in and we would realize that our child was not with us.

We live a busy life with a lot of running around and forgetting the car keys or the entertainment for the kids is one thing but forgetting our child is something we can’t fathom. We would die to save our child’s precious life and can’t understand what’s happening in parents minds these days?

*The inside of a car can reach 109° F in a matter of 15 minutes. PLEASE, ALWAYS remember your children!

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Holly & Jay

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