Cloud Covered Fun‏

We haven’t exactly been having “normal” weather. One day it’ll be nice, hot and sunny and then it’ll rain for 3-4  days. Then we’ll have a nice hot day and rain the next!  It’s the type of weather that we’d be experiencing in May on a “normal” year not June.


After a few days of being cooped up in the house the weather finally cleared up enough for us to get outside for a bit. It was still gloomy and overcast and they were calling for rain later in the day but we didn’t let that stop us.

Thankfully it was low tide which meant that we were able to go exploring parts of the beach that we’d never been before because they were usually covered in water. This passed a huge amount of time. The kids played in a run-off from the tide while we spent our time searching for sea glass and other treasures that the sea brings in.


After passing endless hours there, you seriously lose track of time it’s so peaceful, we headed to the Lions Canteen and made out way off to another beach that had a playground for the kids. We had a little “picnic” in the car because it was quite cool by that time. Then we went in search of more sea treasures and then had a little play time before heading home.

To make the end of our day even sweeter we got to see a guy Windsurfing. All that fun crammed into one day and the rain held off until the minute we left. Talk about great timing!

Cloud-Covered-Fun‏ Cloud-Covered-Fun‏


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2 responses to “Cloud Covered Fun‏

  1. I am seriously green with envy over your access to the ocean. Love seeing all of the sea glass you guys collect and so glad you have these times together as a family exploring the outdoors 🙂

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